We have designed two courses which, we hope, will fill in some gaps in your general knowledge. These are: a) Humanities and Social Sciences and b) Science. We will add another section on English Language soon!

But why should you study these topics? Why does a Business undergraduate need to know about The Golden Age of Islam or the planets?

Well, it's simple. Every educated person needs to understand things about our civilisation, science and history.

Good employers and foreign universities assume you will know about the Industrial Revolution, what Communists believe and who Hitler was, as well as what the Earth is made of and why DNA shapes our lives. These are as basic as driving a car, speaking English and operating a computer keyboard

We know that you will find some subjects on this site easier and more interesting than others. But please try your best so that soon everyone will know that an SUB student is an educated and balanced one! And we are always here to help!

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In general, Southern University is modeled on North American universities and follows their academic features such as delivering a significant general education curriculum, semester systems, credit hours, letter grades, etc. In the year 1998, the University began its life as an Institute, which was an affiliated Bangladesh Campus of USA, UK Universities and later with the demand of situations Professor Sarwar Jahan & Professor Dr. Ishrat Jahan initiated and established Southern University Bangladesh, as a charitable, non-profit, non-commercial and non-political organization under a Foundation. November 26,2002 Ministry of education approved Southern University Bangladesh, under the Universities act of 1992 & 1998.


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